Why buy a mattress?

A mattress is not a cost to the economy but an investment in health, and therefore has to be a decision made with information and time.

A new mattress helps prevent back pain and have a more comfortable rest, and improved sleep quality.

Getting up in the morning feeling more tired than before bed is due to reasons of stress, worries, but especially not having a team of adequate rest.

When choosing a mattress there are factors to consider such as age, weight, height, health issues relevant
Rest ...

A mattress must meet three basic characteristics:
Firmness. To get back to maintain a natural posture are sleeping time.
Homogeneous. The whole body should be supported on the mattress.
Adaptable. Each person is different in morphology, but the mattress has to learn to adapt to each feature of the
person who will use it.

Buying a mattress is an investment in health and wellness.