Memory foam 6 cms core of 50 kg density

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• Memory foam 6 cms core of 50 kg density, sensitive to temperature and
• 16 cm HR D35 to get the necessary steadiness avoiding lateral displacement
• Visco mattress only can use by one side so the only way to move it is from head to foot
• Ergonomic shape to the body
• Height up to 28 cms
Cover made of:
- Padded cover top with strech Fabric 360 g/m, visco elastic foam 2cms and guata 150 g and detachable zipper (topper)
- Cover top and lower: 3D white to get a better ventilation and transpiration. Continuous padded with guata 150 g
- Cover side: The same Strech favric than topper with guata 100 g and 3D
- 3D white Fabric handles to make easier the mattress´ mobility
- Robotic cuts to obtain the best ergonomy and breathability
- Microperforated foam of last generation which helps to breathability of
- White threefold ending. Zipper around the all cover
- Dry cleaning, without specific treatment
- Interior white cover, polyester 100%

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