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Mattress of 23 cms, it is made of a core visco 6 cms of 50 kg density

More details

• Mattress of 23 cms
• It is made of a core visco 6 cms of 50 kg density, sensitive to temperature and pressure
• 14 cms HR D28 to get the necessary steadiness
• Visco mattress only can use by one side so the only way to move it is from head to foot
• Ergonomic shape to the body
• Interior white cover polyester 100%
• Exterior cover made of strip 3D and double zipper
Cover made of:
- Stretch fabric 100% polyester. Elastic fabric, soft touch without specific treatmentes
- Dry cleaning
- low iron up to 80-100 ºC
- Fibre 100 g padded waves
- Lining: TNT 30 g

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